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Dear Neighbor,

I wanted to personally thank you for your hospitality and for taking the time to get to know my husband, Dariel Fernandez. I am so proud of his continued perseverance to get to know and support you and the members of our community and for making his campaign about personally visiting and knocking on doors each and every day, even if that meant time away from his family.

His journey has not come without challenges to our family as we raise our two little girls Elizabeth and Anastasia and do our best to model the importance of family and ethics while balancing our professional careers.

When he first asked me about taking this critical step in entering his name as candidate for the district 6 commission seat, we both agreed that the most important part for us was to focus on the needs and on the long-range-vision to best serve the community and not on the vested interests of other parties, My husband therefore decided to focus his campaign on the collective voice of the people and not on that of the opposing candidates, I can say with great pride that he has run his campaign humbly, with transparency and exemplary ethics and speaks from his heart. This may not be the traditional approach nor is he your typical candidate as he is a man who restarted his life in the United States with nothing but the love for this country and for the people who gave him the opportunity to express himself freely He is someone who is unable to forget where he came from and an individual who will greet you as he would any member of his family

and with complete disregard of your financial or social standing.

If you believe that someone who represents these core beliefs is the candidate who will best represent your interests and those of our community then Dariel Fernandez is the person who you should vote for.

Thank for allowing me to share these words with you


Carolina Vester